Mushroom chocolate is a type of chocolate that is infused or infused with mushrooms, specifically magic mushrooms or medicinal mushrooms. These chocolates are available in different forms, such as bars, squares, or infused cones, and come in various flavors like chocolate milk, fruity cereal, cookies & cream, churro milk, birthday cake, cinnamon bar, cookie butter, dark chocolate, and more. They are often used for semi-psychoactive effects or for wellness and microdosing purposes.

One website that offers mushroom chocolates is “The Green Dragon CBD.” They have a product called “TRĒ House – Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar.” This chocolate bar comes in several flavors, including chocolate milk, fruity cereal, cookies & cream, and churro milk. The website also mentions the benefits of microdosing mushrooms and provides tips on how to store chocolate to keep them fresh and effective.

Another website called “TRE House” offers a “Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar” in four flavors. These chocolate bars contain a proprietary blend of mushroom extracts, including a combination of nootropics, adaptogens, and tryptamines. The website suggests taking one chocolate square for a chill microdose, four squares for a stronger effect, and seven or more squares for those with higher tolerance.

“Alice Mushrooms” is another website that sells functional mushroom chocolates. They claim that their mushroom chocolates can boost cognitive function, aid in better sleep, and improve overall wellness. They offer two products – “Brainstorm” for energy and focus, and “Nightcap” for a perfect night’s sleep. The website emphasizes the use of functional ingredients and notes that their products provide instant sensation without the use of chemicals or capsules.

In an article from The New York Times, it is mentioned that mushrooms have taken over the fashion and wellness industries, and the next frontier is chocolate. The article highlights a variety of mushroom-infused chocolate products available in the market, including Vehicle Chocolates Myco Pollen bar, Casa Bosques Mycelium Edition Power bar, Compartés Vegan Raspberry Matcha bar, Fine & Raw 70% Cordyceps Chaga bar, Fungirl Mushpit bar, Alice Nightcap bar, and Golde Shroom Shield powder. These products are said to harness the ancient pairing of fungi and cacao without the hallucinogenic effects.

Overall, mushroom chocolate is a growing trend in the world of wellness and indulgence. It offers a unique way to consume mushrooms and enjoy the benefits they provide. These chocolates come in various flavors and forms, allowing individuals to choose the dosage and experience that suits them best. It is important to note that the consumption of mushroom chocolates should be done responsibly and in accordance with legal regulations.

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